EASYCAP Electrode Layouts

Easycaps can be built with any electrode layout. The file 10-based Electrode Layouts lists electrode layouts based on the 10%-System, including some for special investigations at the end.

If it is preferable to distribute any given number of electrodes on any desired area in a strictly equidistant fashion, this is done by triangulation.
Please find these “equidistant layouts” in the file Equidistant Layouts.

For some layouts, coordinates are available. Please inquire.

How to order

Download “How to order” (.pdf) 

Most institutions have installed a formal procurement. Please check with your administration, whether you are allowed to order informally (by email, telephone, etc.), or whether an official purchase order needs to be issued.

If we receive an official purchase order you have 30 days time after receiving goods and invoice to complete payment. If we receive no official purchase order prepayment is required. In both cases we can send you a pro-forma-invoice or quotation first, if requested.

For all orders we need to know an invoice-address, a delivery address, name and telephone number, and of
course, what you want to purchase.

  • If you are ordering as an institution from the EU except Germany we further need to know your VAT-Reg.-No.
  • If you are ordering from the UK and your funds qualify for VAT Exemption we need a VAT Exempt Certificate.
  • If you are ordering from outside the EU we need to know your tax-ID or other country-dependent equivalent.


How to submit payment

Prepayment by Credit Card
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express. To charge your credit card we need to know:
– Card Company (Visa, Master, Amex)
– Card Number
– Expiry Date
– CVC-Code (3 or 4 digits on reverse of card)
– Cardholder name as explicitely written on card
A safe way to submit these data is by telephone, pdf, fax, or with the card number splitted into several emails.

Prepayment by PayPal
You need to request a pro-forma-invoice from us, where we will add an amount-dependent handling fee of at
least 4%. Then you log into your own PayPal-account, choose “Send Money”, enter the sum. Our PayPal
address is stefan.mnestek@easycap.de. In the comment field please enter our invoice number.

Payment within 30 days by wire transfer after receiving goods and invoice
When paying from outside Germany you need to make sure that the full invoice amount in EURO is credited to
our account. Please give our invoice number as reference. Our banking data are:
Stadtsparkasse Muenchen
DE-86791 Muenchen
IBAN DE 9870 1500 0009 0827 5365
BIC SSKMDEMM (if 11 digits are required: SSKMDEMMXXX)

Payment within 30 days by check after receiving goods and invoice
We accept account-only-checks. The sum must be stated in EURO and the check needs to be cashable at a
germany-located bank.

Open Positions


Download the full job post (.pdf)


  • Company: Easycap GmbH
  • Department: Support & Sales
  • Job title: Technical Consultant EEG Accessories
  • Workplace: 82237 Etterschlag, Germany
  • Type of employment agreement: Full-time

The Company

EasyCap GmbH is manufacturer of EEG Recording Caps, electrodes, sensors and
accessories for biosignal acquisition in basic research applications (Neuroscience). EasyCap
designs, develops and produces electrode caps with active and passive electrodes optimized
for specific purposes, be it in terms of electrode layout, for special applications like sleep,
sport, neuroergonomics or ensuring compatibility to other data acquisition methods like fMRI,
MEG, TMS, etc.

EasyCap provides the complete package needed around caps and electrodes to perform an
EEG recording: connector adaptors to connect to almost any amplifier, custom harnesses,
tornisters, sleeves to meet any experimental requirements, special electrolytes for effective
cap mounting or long-term recordings, consumables/materials for preparation, mounting,
cleaning, disinfection, and, last not least, the respective product knowledge.

EasyCap is the worldwide market leader of research-focused, customized EEG equipment
since 25 years. EasyCap has a strong partnership with Brain Products GmbH, and additionally
supplies it’s package to any other hardware manufacturers, to distributors, and to endusers.
EasyCap products’ intended purpose is for research & education, they are no medical devices.

Your Responsibilities / Job Description

Our endusers are highly-qualified scientists worldwide. It’s the task of the Technical Consultant
to advise them the best equipment for their experimental goals, to construct special solutions
for them, and to provide all product- and procedural knowledge necessary for successful EEG
recordings. You will do:

  • Counselling and supporting end users and distributors setting up research studies with our equipment, mainly by emails and in the form of quotes
  • Writing of information and instruction material, and manuals
  • Developing and testing of new hardware
  • Product management of own and third-party products
    (active electrodes/connector adaptors, EEG amplifiers, measuring devices)
  • Collecting of user feedback for product improvements and specification of new products
  • Company representation at international conferences
  • Documenting your results and making them available for the team

Your Profile / Desired Skills and Experience

  • Experience in a relevant field of Neurosciences, Psychology, Physics, Biophysics, Biomedical Technology
    or a related field
  • Experience in setting up EEG laboratory environments, preferably lab manager experience,
    hands-on experimental experience
  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering
  • Readiness to help with a strong solution-oriented problem solving mind
  • Excellent communication skills to understand problems from users with a diverse background
    and identify problems behind the questions
  • Fluent English and willingness to learn German
  • Experience in any of the following skills are beneficial:
    Matlab, programming, CAD & 3D-printing, chemical/pharmaceutical knowledge, regulatory issues


  • A stable long-term position with opportunity for advancement
  • A skillfull, cooperative team and friendly atmosphere
  • Living between Munich, lakes, and mountains
  • A competitive compensation package

How to apply

Please send us your application incl. cover letter, resume, and proof of accomplished tasks,
and the earliest date you could start by e-mail to recruitment@easycap.de

People are different, so nobody will match the above profile completely. Therefore please
indicate to which extent you comply with the job requirements.

Download the full job post (.pdf)