Latest News

August 2020

  • Easycap EEG recording caps: An overview
    Given the huge variety of EEG Recording Caps that are available on the market choosing the right one is sometimes not an easy task. Here is a comprehensive overview of different cap solutions offered by Easycap and Brain Products. [→ more details]

June 2020

  • White List of Appropriate Disinfectants
    World-wide available disinfectants for EasyCaps, actiCAPs, R-Net, their relevant ingredients, and their processing instructions [open pdf]
  • Medical Disposable Masks
    EASYCAP is now also offering medical disposable masks. [open pdf]

April 2020

  • Adaptors to easily combine Brain Products and EGI hardware
    Brain Products and EasyCap strive to present options so that you have the freedom of choice when combining our equipment with that of another manufacturer. Here we present adaptors for connecting Brain Products and EGI systems.
    → more details
  • Changes to the BrainCap MR
    The BrainCap MR has been the preferred choice for simultaneous EEG-fMRI research for more than a decade. Due to advances in fMRI technology some changes were made to improve user experience and data quality.
    → more details
  • Coming soon: Carbon Wire Loops for the BrainCap MR
    Standard MR-related artifact correction methods are sufficient for most applications, however, data susceptible to motion artifact can be more challenging. If this is a relevant topic for you, you will be happy to hear that carbon wire loops (CWLs) for the BrainCap MR will be available soon.
    → more details
  • Coming soon: R-Net MR
    Are you into or interested in doing EEG-fMRI and speedy preparation time is critical for you? Stay tuned for the R-Net MR – a sponge-based electrode system for simultaneous EEG-fMRI that will be available soon.
    → more details