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EASYCAP is hiring!


We are currently looking for a "Chemist / Pharmaceutical Technologist (PhD) for Biocompatible Adhesives and/or Electrolytic Gels (m/f)" - full-time, 1 year limited.
(Update 11.08.2017: Application process closed)




EASYCAP is hiring!


We are currently looking for a "Technical Consultant for Support & Sales".
(Update 19.12.2016: Application process closed)




EASYCAP has moved!


our new contact details can be found here.






since 10 years we are manufacturing the custom-made, individual EEG Recording Cap EASYCAP.


This cap is famous for its superior signal quality and the easy, painless impedance minimization. Additionally we try to supply tailor-made electrode configurations for all EEG- and ERP-applications. And we are making MEG-compatible caps, MR-compatible caps, caps for concurrent TMS, and caps especially for DC EEG. We try to configure single- or multi-channel-connectors for all common EEG amplifiers.


We now increased staff and expertise to successfully cope with latest technical developments, e.g. Active Electrodes or stronger MR-scanners. Under the new name of EASYCAP GmbH we plan to supply different tools for effective neurophysiological data acquisition. We would be glad, if you continue to trust our long experience and contact us, when you require an "extended workbench" to supply individual solutions. Additionally we are going to make available standardized on-the-point solutions for specific applications.


Please read here soon about interesting new developments.


Many thanks for your confidence!




Dear EASY CAP User!


Welcome to our relaunched Website. It took some time but now you will find here the latest product list with many new products.


We would also like to direct your attention to our new Download Area, where we gathered all those useful informations which were requested regularily during the last years.


Moreover, this Download Area is meant to be a public platform for useful informations. We would appreciate if in the course of time a knowledge base would develop here, offering easy access to practical and methodological EEG issues and such allowing the researcher to quickly return to his genuine tasks.


Therefore, if you know of basic or advanced informations in the field of EEG where you feel it would simplify research life, if they were accessible to everyone, you are welcome to send them to us and we will place them here as free downloads.


Finally, please feel free to send us your feedback about this new website.

Hope, you'll enjoy it!


Best regards,

Falk Minow